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As experts in acoustic foam treatment for more than 40 years, we pride ourselves in bringing clarity to sound. Using the most advanced foam cutting equipment, our products are engineered to the very highest standards. We’re passionate about what we do and precise in how we do it. Create your sound and make it perfect, with SoundFix.

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Why Choose SoundFix?

Why You Need Acoustic Foam!

Aside from being stylish, our products pack plenty of benefits. Whether you’re a budding musician, producer, videographer or business owner in the public domain, our acoustic panels are a “sound” investment.

It’s a common misconception that acoustic tiles and bass traps are reserved only for the likes of music studios. That’s far from actuality. We’ve been producing foam products for more than 40 years. While we do see a lot of our foam kits being used in recording studios, a wide and varied spectrum of our clients don’t originate from the music industry at all.

Architects make up a significant portion of our clientele. From there, our products go on to be used in schools, offices, bars, clubs, concert halls, airports and much, much more. Anywhere that attracts a significant amount of noise can benefit from using our foam. They control room acoustics, which helps to create a much more peaceful and inviting environment.

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Soundproofing Foam Vs Sound Absorbing Foam

When searching for acoustic treatment solutions, many people look around for soundproofing foam or soundproof foam. It’s a common misconception that acoustic panels soundproof. In fact, no foam has full soundproofing qualities. Our foam absorbs soundwave energy but doesn’t block it in its entirety.

It’s common to believe that you need soundproof foam to improve room acoustics. What you really need is sound absorbing foam. SoundFix products absorb up to 20% more soundwave energy than competing brands. It reduces amplitude which results in clearer room acoustics and greater quality sound recordings.

Acoustic Treatment or Soundproofing?

Acoustic foam no matter what shape, size or brand is not fully soundproof. Wrap yourself head to toe in acoustic tiles and shout; you’ll still be heard. It certainly won’t be as loud as without the foam, but the sound will still be recognisable.

The purpose of soundproofing is to isolate sound within a room so that it can’t be heard by the outside world and vice versa. Soundwaves are complex; they come in different varieties and travel in plenty of different ways. Soundproofing is expensive and may require you to build a sealed off, isolated room within a room to achieve.

We often find that when a customer approaches us, they’re under the impression that they need to soundproof their room in question. 95% of the time, their requirements actually dictate that acoustic treatment is what they’ll benefit from the most. Here’s a couple of things to consider.

• Do you want to eliminate sound in its entirety or significantly reduce it in volume?

• What’s your budget for this project? Remember that soundproofing a room is much more expensive than acoustically treating it.

• What’s your time frame? Mounting acoustic tiles and bass traps takes very little time and results are instant. Soundproofing, on the other hand, is time-consuming.

• What are your limitations? Most people are able to mount SoundFix products with little effort, alternatively, soundproofing will require some expertise.

Hopefully, making these considerations will help you to grasp a firm understanding of your requirements.

How Does Acoustic Foam Work?

By utilising our panels in your room, you can dramatically improve the quality of sound produced within it. Before you think about acoustic treatment, it’s important for you to understand the way in which sound works and how to effectively control it.

Acoustic foam can be used in many different rooms. You don’t have to work directly with sound to benefit from it. Places such as schools, bars, restaurants, cinemas, homes, studios and much more can be improved with acoustic panels.

The science of sound and acoustic treatment can seem complex, but by following this guide, you should have a greater understanding of how our products can help you!

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