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2 Pack – Trapezoid Professional Sound Foam Bass Traps
July 26, 2018
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2 Pack – Bass Trap Corner Cubes
July 26, 2018

2 Pack – Large Felt Coloured Acoustic Foam Bass Traps



Get the look you desire with these highly customisable Coloured Acoustic Foam Bass Traps! We’ve made it even easier for our customers to receive their envisioned products. Effective and stylish! Meet the SoundFix Coloured Acoustic Foam Bass Traps.

Customisable Coloured Acoustic Foam

We already offered acoustic foam in grey, red and blue; however, we’ve gone one step further. Thanks to coloured acoustic foam bass traps, we’ve increased the number of colours for you to choose from. If grey, red or blue bass traps aren’t to your liking, how about purple? Perhaps white? We want our customers to find their perfect product here at SoundFix.

Our acoustic foam has an NRC rating of 0.85. That means it’s capable of absorbing up to 85% sound wave energy. On average, that makes SoundFix acoustic foam, 20% more effective than the industry standard. Combine that with the ability to choose from multiple colours. We think that makes the perfect product. What’s more, our bass traps are made by ourselves, here in the UK. They exceed UK Fire Safety regulations (UL94 approved) and are made to ISO 9001 standards.

Pair with Felt Coloured Acoustic Foam Tiles

Suggested Applications – Coloured Acoustic Foam Bass Traps

Our customers love these bass traps! They’re commonly used throughout –

  • High-End Recording Studios.
  • Rehearsal Rooms.
  • Home Recording Studios.
  • Home Cinemas.
  • Server Rooms.
  • Public Buildings.
  • Bars & Restaurants.
  • Residential Accommodation.
  • Education Buildings.
  • Sports and Leisure Centres.

And that’s just some of the places you’ll find them!

Specifications: Coloured Acoustic Foam Bass Traps

  • Available in 6 unique colours.
  • Package contents – 2 x Felt Coloured Acoustic Foam Bass Traps.
  • UL94 Approved – Fire retardant.
  • NRC Rating – 0.85. Absorbs as much as 85% of sound energy.
  • 600mm high bass trap.
  • Prices vary according to colour and size.
  • Mount using a spray adhesive (not included).
  • Manufactured to IS0 9001 specifications.
  • Pair with Felt Coloured Acoustic Foam Tiles
Additional information

Black, White, Blue, Red, Purple, Cream


2cm, 3cm, 5cm

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