Large Pyramid Bass Traps
2 Pack – Large Pyramid Bass Traps
July 26, 2018
Large Recording Studio Foam Bass Traps
2 Pack – Large Ultimate Recording Studio Foam Bass Traps
July 26, 2018

2 Pack – Bass Trap Corner Cubes



SoundFix Bass Trap Corner Cubes. The missing piece of the bass trap puzzle. Designed to fit between the gaps where bass traps meet vertically and horizontally, they create a seamless acoustic foam integration. Compatible with all SoundFix Bass Traps, our corner cubes help to create an even more visually appealing acoustic foam setup.

How Bass Trap Corner Cubes Work

We’ve designed an acoustic foam product that fits perfectly into any room corner. Paired with SoundFix Bass Traps, they allow for full protection against low-frequency sound waves. Our corner cubes fit where no other acoustic foam product cannot. They help to soften room corners which bass naturally travels towards. Bass can be a particularly problematic frequency, due to the high levels of energy found within. To properly treat your room against low-frequency sound waves, use this product with SoundFix Bass Traps. Precision cut, thick pieces of acoustic foam are the best way to absorb such high levels of sound wave energy.

Recommended Applications – SoundFix Bass Trap Corner Cubes

This product should not be used as a standalone product. They are designed to be used in conjunction with SoundFix Bass Traps. Together these products help to create uninhibited live and recorded sound. In the past, SoundFix customers have used these products in such places as-

  • High-End Recording Studios.
  • Rehearsal Rooms.
  • Home Recording Studios.
  • Home Cinemas.
  • Server Rooms.
  • Public Buildings.
  • Bars & Restaurants.
  • Residential Accommodation.
  • Education Buildings.
  • Sports and Leisure Centres.

SoundFix Bass Trap Corner Cubes Specifications

  • Use with SoundFix Bass Traps
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Studio Grey, Crystal Blue, Volcanic Red

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