Commercial Acoustic Foam

SoundFix can create you a bespoke acoustic foam setup no matter your requirements. Whether you’re looking for acoustic treatment in a recording studio or within an airport lobby, we can help. In the past, we’ve been contracted by many influential clients including the Royal Albert Hall, Pinewood Studios and Odeon Cinemas to name but a few.


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Where Acoustic Foam is Used

Recording Studios and Rehearsal Rooms

Amongst the most popular uses for acoustic foam is within the likes of recording studios and rehearsal rooms.

As the priority objective of acoustic foam is to improve sound quality, this is to be expected. Acoustic foam is an excellent sound absorber. It reduces resonance within a room and helps to create clearer recordings.

Offices and Administrations

Be it an agency or a call centre, office soundproofing is a must. It’s vital that employees are able to concentrate properly in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

A busy office or administration is almost certain to be noisy, but there are things you can put in place to help control this. Our acoustic foam is sound insulating, it absorbs residual soundwaves and reduces resonance. Our acoustic tiles and acoustic panels integrate seamlessly into office environments. Effective and stylish. A winning combination.

Restaurants, Clubs and Bars

Many restaurant, club and bar owners have experienced the benefits acoustic foam brings thanks to SoundFix. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeding hungry patrons or letting them party the night away; all business owners want their customers to leave feeling satisfied.

Plenty of custom is, of course, fantastic, but with every customer, comes an extra voice. Hearing multiple echoing voices all at once can be a jarring sensation which detracts from the overall quality of an evening. Our acoustic foam panels are not only stylish but are fantastic sound absorbers too! They’re perfect for improving the overall ambience within your establishment and help to ensure that guests have the best experience.

Concert Halls and Other Event Venues

Concert halls and other event venues are generally large open spaces with high ceilings. Whether an establishment is hosting the performance of a popular band or featuring a guest speaker, sound plays an integral role in almost every performance.

Echoing is a prevalent issue in many concert halls and event venues. The introduction of acoustic foam, however, can dramatically decrease the amount of echoing in a room. As a result, your audience will be able to experience a clearer and ultimately better performance.

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