Airports, Bus Stations & Train Stations

A Quieter Journey with SoundFix Acoustic Foam

With large transportation vehicles operating through each, airports, bus stations and train stations can get very loud. If you’re looking to improve the quality and amount of sound generated within an airport, bus station or train station, look no further than SoundFix acoustic foam for noise insulation.

Acoustic Treatment in Airports, Bus Stations and Train Stations

Transportation buildings such as these aren’t just a place to wait. Most tend to have businesses operating on site that have the potential to generate excessive sound. Whether it’s a restaurant, a coffee stand or goods retailer, employees and shoppers alike are happier in acoustically treated environments.

SoundFix acoustic foam helps to improve the quality of sound in any space; especially so in large open environments where there’s the highest risk of echoing. Transportation employees and customers will be able to focus easier within a more peaceful, less noisy environment.

SoundFix Acoustic Foam for Transport Buildings

We hold product quality and user safety in the highest regard here at SoundFix, which is why our acoustic foam exceeds UK fire safety regulations and is UL94 approved. Everything we make is made to strict ISO 9001 specifications and we only ever use the very best materials. Our acoustic foam has an NRC rating of 0.85 which means that it absorbs up to 85% of sound wave energy.

Our products are 20% more efficient when compared to the industry standard of NRC 0.65. We also offer our products in multiple colours and designs, to help you find the style you desire. Get optimal sound quality at a price that makes sense only at SoundFix.

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