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Sound Absorption and Echo Treatment for Gyms and Swimming Pools

Acoustics within gyms and swimming pools are generally very poor. Whether it’s the sound of heavy breathing, residual headphone noise or the clanking of weights, these places get loud. Large surface areas and buildings with high ceilings tend to be a recipe for an acoustic disaster. If this is the case for your gym or swimming pool, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The good news is, that your sound issues can be easily rectified thanks to the services and products we provide. By installing acoustic foam for your sports/leisure facility, sound quality can be drastically improved. Acoustic treatment for your gym or swimming pool can be achieved much sooner than you might think. Ordering is simple with SoundFix and so is the setup. Don’t let residual sound and echoing ruin an otherwise great workout.

Why Buy Acoustic Foam for Sports Facilities from SoundFix?

When placing an order with SoundFix, you can rest assured that you’re buying into the very highest quality of acoustic foam. We’ve been designing and converting foam products for more than 40 years, entirely here in the UK. Our factory is equipped with the most advanced foam cutting technology and our employees are some of the most knowledgeable in the business.

All of our acoustic foam is manufactured using only the finest materials and the best equipment. Every single product we sell is manufactured strictly to ISO 9001 standards and all our acoustic foam exceeds UK Fire Safety regulations (UL94 Approved). With an NRC rating of 0.85, our products are up to 20% more effective at absorbing soundwave energy than the industry standard.

Need more convincing?

We manufacture everything we sell, which guarantees you the very best prices. There’s no middle person and as such no additional markup. Buying directly from the manufacturer saves you money and gives you the added reassurance of knowing that we understand how our products work. Anything you need to know about acoustic foam, we’ll be more than happy to tell you.

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