Medical Practices & Waiting Rooms

Acoustic Foam Treatment For Medical Buildings

We all like to think of medical practices and waiting rooms as generally quiet and peaceful places. Though, that’s just sometimes not the case. You can’t ask a baby to stop crying and you can’t ask somebody with a nasty cough to stop either. There’s plenty of situations where a waiting room or medical practice can get loud.

Whether it’s loud equipment, telephones ringing or multiple conversations at a time, noise is going to happen. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it though. SoundFix acoustic foam is the perfect addition to any waiting room or medical practice as a means to control excessive noise.

Make Your Waiting Room Quieter

SoundFix acoustic foam panels are designed to give your waiting room the best possible acoustic treatment. If a waiting room is prone to echoing, our acoustic foam panels can fix that. They absorb up to 80% of soundwave energy, helping to deaden excessive noise and remove distractions. Patients, visitors and employees will be able to relax properly in a SoundFix acoustically treated waiting room!

What’s more, we offer our products in multiple variations of colour and style. Choose from Studio Grey, Volcanic Red or Crystal Blue to suit the style of your waiting room. Our acoustic foam creates an impressive focal point, a feature your visitors can admire whilst they wait. Create a peaceful, relaxed and welcoming environment with acoustic foam treatment for medical practices from SoundFix.

Acoustically Treat Your Treatment Rooms

When patients enter a treatment room, it’s important for them to be relaxed. Loud noises from the outside can offset this and as such, acoustic treatment can be extremely beneficial. Deaden exterior noise with SoundFix acoustic foam panels and tiles. Create a happier and more welcoming environment for when your patients need it the most.

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