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Reduce Noise in Offices With Acoustic Foam

A SoundFixed office is a happy office. If you’re in charge of a team, you’ll know that creating the perfect office environment can make all the difference. A visually appealing office, with minimal distractions, is one of the most assured ways to guarantee positive employee morale and workplace productivity.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are opting for open planned offices. This, of course, comes with its benefits. A more sociable and easy to manage environment seems like the logical choice.

However, with the good sometimes comes the bad and there are some drawbacks here. Multiple conversations at any one time combined with a room that’s susceptible to echoing can quickly lead to one very big distraction. Don’t go handing out the earplugs yet though; there is a solution.

Sound Treatment for Offices and Administrations

By installing SoundFix acoustic foam into your office or administration building, the quality of sound can be dramatically improved. Our acoustic foam for offices is designed to deaden excessive noise and keep it under control. Eliminate room echoing, get rid of distractions and help your employees to maintain focus.

With an NRC rating of 0.85, SoundFix acoustic panels, absorb up to 85% of soundwave energy; that’s 20% more than the industry average! A quieter and more peaceful working environment is something that we can all be grateful for.

Take a look at our range of acoustic foam for office products and get the acoustic treatment it needs today!

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