Nurseries, Schools & Universities

Sound and Echo Reduction for Schools, Nurseries and Universities

Education isn’t all heads in textbooks, arms crossed and fingers on lips. Sometimes it’s lively and loud! With large groups comes large amounts of noise, but that’s not to say it can’t be controlled. SoundFix acoustic foam can drastically reduce echoes within places of education such as universities, schools and nurseries.

Whether you’re looking to reduce echoing in a classroom, corridor or assembly hall, we have the acoustic foam products to meet your requirements. Create the perfect environment for learning with SoundFix.

Acoustic Foam for Education Buildings

The purpose of acoustic foam isn’t just to absorb sound, it’s also put in place to improve the overall quality of sound. A large majority of student learning is conveyed vocally by educators. Because of this, it’s important that said educators are heard clearly.

The introduction of acoustic foam to lecture halls, for example, has proven to reduce distractions such as echoing and as such is thought to improve focus levels.

Improve Focus and Student Learning With SoundFix Acoustic Foam

Not all acoustic foam is created equally. It’s important to understand this before making a firm decision on which brand of acoustic foam you should opt for. At SoundFix, we aim to bring our customers quality acoustic foam at affordable prices. Compared to many brands of acoustic foam available to purchase online, ours has proven to perform considerably better.

With an NRC rating of 0.85, our products absorb up to 20% more soundwave energy than the generally accepted standard of averages. All of our foam products are also manufactured to IS0 9001 standards and exceed UK fire safety regulations.

Acoustic Foam in any Environment

You may be under the impression that acoustic foam belongs nowhere but recording studios and visually doesn’t belong in universities, schools or nurseries. We disagree. SoundFix acoustic foam can integrate seamlessly into the visual aesthetic of buildings; educative or otherwise.

We want our acoustic foam to not only be effective but to also look good whilst being so. That’s why we offer our acoustic foam products in multiple colours and various styles. Whether you’re searching for acoustic foam with a classical appeal or something a bit edgier, SoundFix has what you need.

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