Event Venues & Concert Halls

Sound Improvement for Event Venues and Concert Halls

Concert halls and other event venues are traditionally large open spaces with high ceilings. If there’s one place that extensive echoing is likely to occur it is here. Event Venues and concert halls are brilliant places to put on a show. Sadly, the quality of these shows can be tainted as a direct result of poor room acoustics. In large open spaces, words can be lost and music distorted which is something you’ll, of course, want to avoid.

Thankfully, SoundFix acoustic foam panels are perfect for treating the likes of concert halls and other event venues. With acoustic treatment from SoundFix, every show and concert will be a fond one to remember.

Why Treat Concert Halls and Event Venues with Acoustic Foam?

Treating an event venue or concert hall with acoustic foam is a simple and efficient way to improve sound quality. Excessive echoing and sound distortion are one of the key ways that an otherwise perfectly great show can be ruined.

You want your guests to leave feeling like they’ve seen the show of a lifetime, not leaving with a headache. With SoundFix acoustic foam installed at your event venue or concert hall, you can achieve exactly that.

Our acoustic foam is made to the very highest ISO 9001 Standards. It is UL94 approved and exceeds UK fire safety regulations. We only use the very best materials in our acoustic foam and utilise the most advanced machinery to create it. We’ve specifically designed our entire range to produce maximum results.

With an NRC rating of 0.85, it has been tested and proven to absorb up to 80% more soundwave energy than industry standard acoustic foam. Your event venue needs the best! When it comes to showtime, make it a night to remember with SoundFix.

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