Industrial Buildings & Workshops

Industrial Buildings & Workshops

Industrial buildings and workshops are some of the noisiest building around. With large, heavy machinery and multiple employees situated within wide open areas, this is only to be expected.

Ear protection may help make work quieter for some of your employees, but what about your neighbour? What about those working away from the factory floor? SoundFix acoustic foam for industrial buildings and workshops absorb up to 80% of soundwave energy! With an NRC rating of 0.85, it’s been tried, tested and has proven to absorb up to 20% more energy than the industry standard.

Why Your Factory Needs Acoustic Treatment

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already considered noise control for your factory or workshop. Now is the time to act. Being some of the largest open spaces around, factories generally have poor acoustics. Industrial sound dampening and noise protection is an area which requires immediate attention if the acoustics in your workplace is poor.

This is especially the case if there are official noise regulations your company needs to comply with. Acoustic treatment for workshops and factories not only benefits your employees and neighbours, it benefits you also. With SoundFix acoustic foam, you can rest assured that your place of business is receiving the best acoustic treatment.

Choose SoundFix for Industrial Building and Workshop Noise Control

We are experts in foam conversion and have been producing our products for more than 40 years. We’ve refined our practices for decades, selected only the best materials, invested in the most advanced machinery and meticulously designed our acoustic foam products to provide only the best results. Passion, toil and dedication go into everything we create and we like to think that the quality of our acoustic foam reflects exactly that.

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