Recording Studios & Rehearsal Rooms

Acoustic Treatment for Recording Studios and Rehearsal Rooms

Sound quality is important everywhere, especially within recording studios and rehearsal rooms. An otherwise perfect take can be completely ruined by poor acoustics. Therefore, it’s fundamentally important to get expert acoustic treatment for recording studios or rehearsal rooms. SoundFix specialises in the design of acoustic foam tiles and bass traps which dramatically improve sound quality. No matter the scale of your recording studio or rehearsal room, we can provide you with the acoustic foam to properly treat it.

Why You Need Acoustic Foam for a Recording Studio

Devising, recording, mixing, composing and rehearsing are the building blocks of any recording studio. What truly makes a recording studio great however is the final, polished product. Your audience, your customers, your talent expect quality and it’s your responsibility to deliver exactly that. When it comes to building a recording studio, people immediately turn towards the quality of recording equipment. What’s on your recording studio checklist so far? A high-end computer, DAW, audio interface, microphones, headphones, studio monitors and so on? These of course are all fundamental requirements when building a recording studio, but have you considered your room acoustics?

No matter the quality of your equipment, poor room acoustics can render an otherwise perfect take obsolete. If you truly want quality from your recorded sound, SoundFix acoustic foam is a must. SoundFix products are designed to improve room acoustics, reduce reverberation, eliminate distortion and overall create audio clarity.

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