Trade Fairs & Exhibition Halls

Control Excessive Sound in Exhibitions Halls

In order to accommodate large amounts of people, trade fairs and exhibition halls have to be very large. Unfortunately, very large rooms tend to be at the most risk of excessive noise and echoing. If you want to put on a great show, you’re going to want to consider acoustic foam for exhibition halls and trade fairs.

Why Your Exhibition Halls Need Acoustic Treatment

Your next trade fair or exhibition is going to be a big one! Plenty of visitors, plenty of exhibitors and an overall great time. It’s going to be big and it’s going to be loud. But too much noise can lead to distractions.

If multiple exhibitors are performing demonstrations at any one time, this could be very distracting indeed. Couple this with an exhibition rooms that’s prone to echoing and your visitors are going to wish that they’d bought their earplugs along.

Make Your Event the Very Best with SoundFix

SoundFix acoustic foam is designed to perform optimally time and time again. With an NRC rating of 0.85, it absorbs up to 85% of soundwave energy; that’s 20% more than the industry average. We’ve been converting foam and designing products for more than 40 years.

Our machinery is the best in the business and the materials we use are the finest. We create everything we make to ISO 9001 standards and all of our acoustic foam is UL94 approved.

We offer our sound absorbing foam in multiple styles and colours so that you can select the best foam for your venue. See for yourself the acoustic foam we have on offer and get a grasp on excessive noise today!

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