Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs

Reduce Noise Levels in Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs

The best restaurants know that creating a great atmosphere is just as important as serving delicious food and drinks. The same goes for pubs and clubs. Playing the best music will only get you so far in a room that’s not properly sound treated. If you want your guests to leave feeling the best they can, you should definitely consider acoustic treatment from SoundFix.

With plenty of guests, comes plenty of chatter and that generates a tremendous amount of noise. Couple that with loud music and you could have a noisy recipe for disaster. Too much noise can be distracting and can even detract from what would otherwise be a perfect night out.

So what do you do? Turn down the music? Ask people to whisper? Of course not! There’s nothing wrong with people having a good time. That’s precisely what you want them to be having right? With SoundFix acoustic foam the fun doesn’t stop. Install our high-quality acoustic foam into your place of business and hear the immediate results.

SoundFix Noise Treatment for Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs

Our acoustic foam tiles and sound panels are a great way to get the acoustic treatment your place of hospitality needs. They’re easy to mount and even easier to order. But what if the acoustic foam is distracting? We hear you (pun intended). That’s exactly why we offer acoustic foam in multiple styles and colours so that you can select the foam that integrates with your décor. SoundFix acoustic foam is not only effective it’s stylish as well.

Our acoustic foam is made to the highest standards. We conform only to ISO 9001 specifications and all of our products exceed UK Fire Safety regulations (UL94 approved). SoundFix acoustic foam is manufactured entirely here in the UK, by us. We use the most advanced materials and utilise only the best machinery to get the job done.

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