Home Cinemas & HIFI Studios

Acoustic Foam for Home Cinemas and HIFI Studios

Incorporating an acoustic foam setup into your home cinema or HIFI studio is a great way to improve room acoustics and audio quality. Traditionally, home cinemas and HIFI studios (whilst varying in size) are rectangular or square in shape. This symmetry makes them easier to acoustically treat, than unconventionally shaped rooms with more than four walls. Revolutionise your listening experience with expertly designed and crafted acoustic foam tiles and bass traps from SoundFix.

How Acoustic Foam Benefits Your Home Cinema or HIFI Studio

Modern sound equipment often conflicts with the room acoustics within residential spaces. Distortion and reverb hinder your listening experience and overall levels of entertainment. Excessive noise can also leak out of rooms such as these and become a nuisance to other residents and neighbours. If you’re hoping to improve the acoustics within your home cinema or HIFI studio, it’s simple to do so with SoundFix.

SoundFix acoustic foam tiles and bass traps don’t only benefit yourself, they benefit others around you. With an NRC rating of 0.85, our acoustic foam has been proven to absorb up to 20% more soundwave energy than industry competitors. With ideal placement and a sufficient quantity, it can dramatically improve the acoustics within a room, thus improving your listening experience.

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